I have gotten 2 Chihuahua puppies from Betty and Vic and they are healthy, happy, social puppies.
Betty and Vic are honest breeders. They do what they say and worked with me on everything. If you
are looking for honest breeders with healthy, well cared for puppies then Countryhomepups is the
place for you. Thanks very much Countryhomepups! Cathy from Sevierville
wonderful breeder!!!
You will not find a better breeder on this site!! I bought an Italian Greyhound from Country Home
Pups and she is show quality. Not only is she so pretty that people stop me to ask where I got her,
but her temperament is friendly and outgoing. Betty knows exactly what she is doing and you can
be sure that you will get a well socialized, breed standard dog that will exceed your expectations. I
bought another IG from another breeder on this site and paid less, but it has cost me more in that the
second puppy doesn't hold a candle to the puppy I purchased from Betty!! When buying from a
breeder online, you have to have faith and this breeder will not disappoint anyone!! I am thrilled with
my show quality, well-bred Italian Greyhound!! Thank you Betty!! You are the best!! Shelly & Prancer
Great Greyhounds
I purchased my IG one year ago. I waited to write a review because I wanted to
see the quality of the dog I was adding to my family. The verdict is. . . She is a
wonderful dog. Betty and Vic are wonderful people and are really great to work
with. They were very accommodating and put me at ease when purchasing
online. Well, I have had my baby for a year and she has done well. She is
healthy and perfect in every way. I am glad I purchased from Betty and Vic.
The Best IG Breeder!
When I selected Country Home Pups as my breeder, I was confident I would find
a beautiful IG. What I didn't expect to find was an extended family! Vic and Betty
were so helpful in teaching me everything I needed to know about owning an IG
puppy and helping me make the right selection. They know the personalities of
their "babies" and deliver exactly what they promise. My experience with them
was so exceptional that I had no reservations about adding another one of their
IGs to my little family. Both of my puppies are the talk of the town. They have
personality plus and are extremly well behaved, thanks to the expertise and
loving hands at Country Home Pups. -- Karen, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Loving Breeders
I recently purchased a chihuahua from Country Home Kennels and I could
not be happier. Betty and her family were very welcoming. My little guy,
Loki, was obviously raised with love and care. He isn't timid like so many
chihuahuas can be and he is very healthy, not too mention, happy. Betty
answered all questions and was very knowledgeable. I could tell she and
her family were very concerned about giving their puppies away to good
homes with guaranteed care. I would definitely recommend this breeder
to anyone looking for a loveable pet.
Wonderful Breeder
Betty Holloway is a wonderful person and her puppies are beautiful and
healthy. She works very hard to insure the health of her puppies,and only
sells great quality puppies. She has been there to answer any questions that i
have had. She is a believer in quality not quanity. Her puppies get excellant
care. They are apart of her family. I would highly recommend her. Jean
Puppies from this breeder
I would like to let everbody know that this breeder has
exceptional puppies. I purchased a female from them and
have been so impressed by her, she is gorgeous! She is a
beautiful little girl that I saw at 2 days old. From the minute I
saw her, I knew she was mine! I'm sure that anyone who
purchases a puppy from Betty will have the same quality of
puppy that I got! I'm sure glad I bought her
I picked up my precious package (Italian Greyhound pup) on July 30th, 2009. The
baby girl was 12 weeks old. I could not be happier with her! Her beauty,
temperament, intelligence and personality gets big 5 stars from me ~ a real A+!
My baby girl Italian Greyhound (Tallulah) had her 1st visit from our wonderful
mobile vet here this week and even my vet was thrilled! She used to show dogs
and remarked that it is apparent that Baby Tallulah had been given the best of care.
Tallulah has met several people,dogs,cats and even children and has loved
everyone she has met. My cat, Frederick, adores her and has become her official
"Nanny"! They play together and I have even caught them sleeping together!
Tallulah is not a yippy yappy dog and only barks when there is good reason...she
loves warmed towels in her bed and sleeps through the night very well. Tallulah
started her 1st Obedience class last week (at almost 13 weeks old) and was a star
pupil! Betty and Vic were wonderful people to deal with and have made it clear that
they would take questions in the future if I need advice or direction. Thank you so
much Betty and Vic for my wonderful new Baby Tallulah! I look forward to many
happy years with her!
Lisa McCrea
We bought GiGi Girl A few weeks ago when she was 7 weeks old. I'm a stay at home wife and
mother of a Son that lives in Heaven now...So I am able to stay home with my new baby (New
Name) Cheyenne. Vic and Betty where and still are fantastic people...they have helped me so much
in picking out my new baby.  I had been looking and looking and every time I kept coming back to
Vic and Betty's web-site. I kept looking at that Beautiful pup they had named GiGi Girl and couldn't
pass her by.  They live 4 hrs. away for us, but it was well worth the price we paid to go get her.  I
just wanted to say, that I LOVE my new pup and I couldn't be more happier then I am now. I wake up
and go to bed with my new baby everyday.  Thanks for the perfect puppy Vic and Betty! I will
continue to keep you updated with pics of our "Little Miss Cheyenne".
Big Hugs,
Michelle &  Brian Munfordville, KY