COUNTRY HOME PUPS
                                                                 9210 BROCK ROAD
                                                                KNOXVILLE, TN 37938
                                                        TERMS AND CONDITIONS

    1.        We will not ship, sell, or deliver any dog unless this purchase agreement has been signed and
    returned to us

    2.        Deposits or payments made are non refundable. If you change your mind, all money paid is
    forfeited. We require a 50 percent deposit to hold your puppy.

    3.        If we are shipping or delivering your dog final payment including shipping charges must be made
    7 days prior to the puppy becoming 8 weeks of age . If you are picking up your dog final payment can of
    course be made in person. If full payment is not made by 7 days prior to 8 weeks of age, we reserve the
    right to take a backup contract or sell the puppy to another purchaser. If you need special arrangements
    we will work this out on request if possible. We also reserve the right to delay shipping on very small
    Chihuahua's until we feel they are ready. This delay shall not exceed 12 weeks of age.  

    4.        Country Home Pups will guarantee your puppy to be free from life threatening genetic defects for
    6 months from the date you receive it. The buyer agrees to have this dog examined by his or her own
    veterinarian within 3 working days from the actual possession date. If you choose not to have the dog
    examined within the allotted time this guarantee becomes null and void. If this dog has a life threatening
    disorder the breeder must be contacted immediately. Hernias, normal parasites, and hypoglycemia are
    not included in this guarantee. We reserve the right to speak directly with your veterinarian and may ask
    for a written statement signed by the veterinarian. We do not guarantee fertility. Any and all expenses
    including examinations, shipping charges, and/or treatment will be the sole responsibility of the buyer
    after the purchase date. Once we confirm a problem covered by this guarantee, we will provide a same
    breed replacement dog of equal value from the available puppies, or the next available litter.

    5.        We will gladly furnish you with any photos that you request and will disclose any imperfections that
    we are aware of. Non-life threatening minor imperfections are not covered by this guarantee. We can
    only make estimates based on experience as to the size, color, or disposition of a puppy as it becomes
    an adult. If you purchase a newborn the color can lighten, darken or add markings as it develops and this
    is normal. This guarantee does not apply to dogs over 6 months of age.

    6.        The dog/puppy will be delivered to the buyer with all immunization and parasite treatments
    appropriate for the age and the documentation will be provided. The buyer agrees to maintain the health
    of the dog by providing a healthy diet and proper veterinarian care.

    7.        In the unlikely event that any litigation should occur, it shall be conducted in our home city and state
    of Knoxville, Tennessee.


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